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5 Tips to Avoid Teeth Stains from Braces

Getting your braces removed can be very exciting. You finally get to see your new smile after investing your time and money. You want the payoff and it’s coming! The last thing you want is a stain or a white spot on any of your teeth, once the braces come off. Accumulation of food and dental plaque are the major factors promoting teeth staining. You can enjoy your most awesome smile by taking a few simple but super important precautions during your orthodontic treatment.

We have a few tips to help you prevent stains caused by braces: Brush thoroughly after every meal Food that sticks around your teeth and gums, and forms plaque is the problem. You want to remove that food and plaque at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night, just before you go to bed are the best times to give yourself that good two-minute brush. Brushing after every meal is not really necessary. Plaque does the damage and it takes time to grow. You can give your teeth a quick brush or rinse after meals and snacks to remove food particles stuck between your teeth and braces. Brushing your teeth thoroughly, by the gum line, removes and prevents plaque buildup. Removing that plaque stops the formation of white spots around your brackets. You should brush for at least two minutes using regular fluoridated toothpaste. Use an electric toothbrush as it can reach places in your mouth more easily than a manual one. No matter what toothpaste or brush you use, concentrate on the gumline and around the braces! Floss regularly Cleaning all the corners of your mouth using just your toothbrush, especially while wearing braces, can be a challenging task. Make sure you include flossing to your regular oral hygiene routine. Floss your teeth before brushing to remove food particles and plaque. You can either use ordinary floss threads or ask your orthodontist to recommend special braces-friendly products. Flossing helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean, but toothbrushing, by the gumline, is by far the most important part of the job. It’s not really that difficult – it’s just very important. Use a mouth wash Swishing your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash after brushing can help in dislodging any remaining food particles. It also helps to get rid of germs lingering in your mouth. It’s an option you can add, but brushing is number one! Consider Sealants Your orthodontist may recommend placing sealants on your teeth to make them more resistant to white spots. There are various types of sealants available in the market. You can choose one for yourself with the help of your dentist. Avoid teeth staining foods Eliminating certain foods and drinks like tomatoes, red wine, and coffee from your diet will keep your teeth whiter. If you can’t avoid certain beverages, you can use a straw while drinking. When you drink soda or other drinks, the area around the bracket is more affected compared to what’s underneath. This can make your teeth appear uneven in colour. Consuming staining foods can also result in the discolouration of your braces. Avoid sugary foods Sugary and starchy foods are the worst for making the plaque that causes the damage. Acidic foods work with the plaque to increase the harm to your teeth and gums. They all promote the growth of plaque, stains, and cavities. Diets high in sugar can also lead to decalcification of your tooth enamel. Hard and sticky candies can get stuck in your braces or teeth and damage the brackets. Drinking and rinsing water after eating such foods helps in flushing away some of the sugars from your teeth. Don’t use whitening toothpastes You should avoid using whitening toothpastes while wearing braces. This will only whiten the teeth area around your brackets, but not under them. This could result in further discolouration of your teeth. The effect will be temporary but wait until your braces come off to do any whitening. Get your teeth cleaned regularly Don’t miss your appointments with the dentist while you have your braces on. Your teeth and gums will stay clean and healthy with your regular brushing combined with your dentist and hygienist performing those regular professional cleaning and checkups. Visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and ask for tips on how to prevent stains. Even though advice can help, don’t panic if you still end up with some stained teeth. Saliva can break down some of the braces stains on its own. But, if you are looking for faster results, here are a few methods to consider: • Visit your dentist for a cleaning session right after you get your braces off. It will help you get rid of any extra adhesive on your teeth, which could be making them appear discoloured. • You can use a whitening toothpaste to polish the surface of your teeth and even out the colour. • You can opt for professional whitening treatments. However, your dentist may ask you to wait for a while before starting any procedure. Ask your dentist for the best advice on this. You can always talk to your dentist or us for more information on braces and their maintenance. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Winnipeg, contact us today!



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