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Why Choose Dr. John Campbell Orthodontist?

Dr. Campbell’s father was an orthodontist in Winnipeg and the tradition has continued. Our office is conveniently located at Polo Park Shopping Centre here in Winnipeg. Dr. Campbell also travels to Dryden and Fort Frances, Ontario to serve the good people of Northwestern Ontario. He’s been travelling to Ontario for more than 20 years.

Dr. Campbell’s passion is helping people understand what is happening with their teeth and their smile. And when braces make sense for you, he wants that treatment to go as quickly and as comfortably as possible for you, to give a great smile. That’s why he has spent the time to make these videos here at He is looking forward to meeting you when you’re ready to find out more. In the meantime, explore more here, at

How Can We Help
You and Your Smile?

Meet Dr. Campbell

Dr. John Campbell

I was born and raised in Winnipeg – the oldest of five kids. My father was an orthodontist – Dr. William F. Campbell, or “Bill,” with his office at the Medical Arts Building. I started my education at the wonderful University of Winnipeg, and then on to dentistry at the University of Manitoba.

After I graduated from dentistry, I spent a year working as the pediatric dental intern at The Winnipeg Children’s Hospital, working with and learning from the great Dr. Howard Cross.

I remained at the University of Manitoba for my post-graduate training and Master of Science in orthodontics and human growth and development. I was lucky enough to be taught by some amazing educators, Drs. Arthur Storey and Ed Yen, with brilliant clinical training from Drs. Robert Baker, Frank Hechter and Ernie Cohen. My orthodontic education was the most fun and most inspiring time I ever had in school – I was very lucky. One of my classmates was Dr. Keith Levin – an excellent orthodontist here in Winnipeg.

I worked with the Canadian Association of Orthodontists as the Manitoba delegate for a number of years. I chaired the Health Team Committee for the Manitoba Dental Association. That was a great experience, and very rewarding, working with dentists and the other team members, dental hygienists, dental nurses and dental assistants. We all worked together to help the Manitoba Dental Association support all of us oral health team members to give the best care we can for our patients.

I have two children of my own – my daughter Alex, an engineer, and my son Reid, studying geophysics at the University of Manitoba. The only thing that comes close to the joy of seeing my own children grow up and mature is watching the same thing in the kids I see in my office.

My passion is learning and teaching. I started using Damon braces over ten years ago and they were a game changer for me. I was exposed to some brilliant teachers, as we all learned how best to use these new braces. Dr. Dwight Damon, Dr. Tom Pitts and Dr. Duncan Brown have been my mentors as I learned how to be a better orthodontist. I’m still learning and now count Tom and Duncan as my friends, as well as my teachers and mentors. I’m now using a new system that uses passive self-ligation – the doors like Damon. This new system has been developed with the help of Tom and Duncan.

Through Tom and Duncan, I’ve met some wonderful orthodontists from all around the world – Taiwan, Hungary, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Germany and more. They’ve all been drawn to Tom as I have – learning to become better orthodontists and having more fun straightening teeth.

Every dentist and every orthodontist I know, devotes themselves to give their patients a better smile and a better experience in treatment. Technology is making that easier, but it’s raised the bar for all of us. We all spend a lot of time on continuing education.

I’ve never been happier being an orthodontist. I’ve spent a lot of time getting comfortable in front of the camera and learning video production. I’m looking forward to learning even more to become a better orthodontist and a better teacher and student. You gotta wear shades – the future’s bright!


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