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Orthodontic Treatment

Braces for Adults? Winnipeg’s Dr. John Campbell Offers Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Braces aren’t just for children and teens anymore. Nearly 20% of the patients streaming into orthordontists’ offices now for braces are adults, drawn by the results their friends and their children have had and the options that modern orthodontics offer. While the ideal time for orthodontic treatment is generally before bones stop growing, orthodontic treatment for adults can still make significant and dramatic changes to your bite, your smile and your comfort. Come in and talk to Dr. Campbell about what results you’d like to see – and Dr. Campbell can show you how we can help achieve those results.

Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Straightened?

Absolutely! Adults who make the decisions to go forward with orthodontic treatment often find a number of benefits, beyond straighter teeth and a more attractive smile, such as:

Easier brushing and flossing when teeth are not crowded together (and better dental health overall)

More comfort in chewing once malocclusion (a poorly aligned bite) is corrected

Less pain – especially if you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ or are prone to stress headaches or earaches

Clearer speech

Options for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Many adults hesitate to take the first step because they think braces will look embarrassing at work or in social situations, or that they will be uncomfortable or painful to wear. Orthodontics have come a long way from the traditional wire braces you may remember friends wearing in middle school or high school. We have options now that are far less visible and far more comfortable, such as:

        Ceramic braces  - clear braces that are quick and effective

        Passive self-ligating braces: braces that reduce friction to move your teeth faster and more comfortably

        Clear plastic aligners: gradually push moderately misaligned teeth into position

Living with Braces or Aligners as an Adult

Your jaw bone develops to hold teeth firmly in place so moving adult teeth may cause some initial discomfort when the braces are adjusted or when you change aligners. The good news is that most adults find the discomfort only lasts a day or two and is quite manageable with ordinary pain relievers. Maintaining your oral hygiene is especially important and we will ask that you visit your dentist for cleaning and treatment of any underlying dental or periodontal issues prior to beginning your treatment.

In addition to your regular routine of brushing and flossing, limit sugar and pop consumption to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Avoid hard or sticky foods that can damage your braces. You can enjoy corn on the cob, roasted almonds and popcorn AFTER your treatment is complete when your beautiful new smile will show how much you enjoy them!

Orthodontic treatment for adults is faster, more effective, less visible and more affordable than it’s ever been before. Make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. John Campbell – we can assess what needs to be done to achieve the smile you want and discuss some of the new options available to you.

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