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Insurance and Fees for Braces

Braces are a great investment in your teeth, your smile, your confidence and your health. You’re going to want to know about the fees and how they work along with insurance coverage.

The fee for braces is normally spread over the expected length of your braces. We offer a discount for payments made in full to start. For most people, monthly payments are arranged and you can use Visa or MasterCard for those. Normally, we don’t ask for a large down payment to start. And we don’t just give you an estimate – you know the fee before you get started – no surprises.

We can let you know the fees at that first appointment with us, once you’ve decided on the braces that are right for you. Many people have dental insurance that covers part of the fees; there may be a yearly or a lifetime maximum. Some people will be covered by two plans from two people.

No matter what your situation is, we can help you find out your coverage before anything else happens. We’ll need to see you for that first appointment to help you decide on the treatment that’s best for you and your smile, and then start the paperwork with your insurance company so you can know your coverage.

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