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Will I Need to Have Teeth Taken Out for Braces?

Taking teeth out for braces can make sense in the treatment plan for some people, but we want to consider all the options first. We carefully consider several factors before recommending the removal of any teeth and will certainly listen to any concerns you may have.

When Removing a Baby Tooth Is an Option

There are some situations when taking out a baby tooth can help an adult tooth come in better and more comfortably, such as:

Crowding due to bigger teeth and smaller jaws

A baby tooth that’s staying in place too long

An adult tooth that’s coming into the wrong spot

In these situations, the removal of the baby tooth is an option and we will walk you through the pros and cons to help guide to a decision that makes sense for you and your teeth.

Is Removal of Adult Teeth an Option?

While we may consider the removal of a baby tooth on occasion, it is more rare to remove an adult tooth. With the braces we use, we rarely have to take out any adult teeth. Keeping all your teeth for a broad, natural smile is always our first choice. However, for some people, braces just can’t make enough space, so taking teeth out will give you the best smile and the best fit of your teeth. We close the space as we move the teeth for the most natural smile.

In most cases, we like to start your treatment without taking any teeth out; we can then see how things change before making the decision to remove an adult tooth. In these cases, where it makes sense to take teeth out, it will be obvious to you and your family as well.

Everyone’s teeth and smile are different and we’re happy to help guide you to the best decision for you and your smile. Call or email our office for a consultation!

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