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About Orthodontics

Braces? Aligners? Winnipeg Orthodontist Dr. John Campbell Talks about Your Options

There’s more than one way to cook a turkey. And there’s more than one way to straighten teeth. If you check out braces and orthodontics on the internet you’ll find lots of different ways to straighten teeth.  It can seem confusing that there are so many approaches –  crooked teeth come in many forms and have many features.

Over the years many different orthodontists from around the world have designed and discovered ways to guide teeth into better positions. How each orthodontist does it in his or her own office comes from the dental school they first went to, but later on, we all have different experiences with our patients. And we start down different paths as we all attend continuing education programs to further our knowledge.

Every dentist and orthodontist I know passionately wants to learn and get better at what we do. We all set out to give our patients a better smile and a better experience. We all discover different ways to do that as we learn and grow. We also have different personalities and experiences in our careers and we’re molded by all of this.

The bottom line? There are many different ways to successfully straighten teeth for a great smile. We all come up with ways that we find work best for us and our patients. There is no final truth in any of this. New information and knowledge are always being discovered and we gradually work this into our offices as we refine our techniques.

On my website and in my videos, I talk about the ways I’ve discovered that work best for my patients, but please don’t think my way is the only way or even the best way. There is no best way. We’re always learning and refining our approach.

Passive Self-Ligating Braces

Over the years I’ve changed the way I straighten teeth. When I started out I took out a fair number of teeth to give us the room to straighten those teeth. Early on I decided that I wanted to learn how to give people great smiles while taking out fewer teeth.  I used to use a glued-in brace with a screw that would be tightened to create expansion to give a wide full smile.  It worked really well but I kept learning.

Then I was exposed to the passive self-ligating system,  which promised that same expansion without the discomfort of the expander. That was many years ago and these braces were a game changer for me and my patients. This system gave me the chance to treat more people without having to take out any permanent teeth, and my patients got wider smiles, more comfortable treatment, and shorter treatment times.  I have never considered going back to the older style of braces. My staff and I  saw too many advantages of the new system.

But not every orthodontist has tried this new system. And some tried it and weren’t happy with their results with it. And you know what? Those orthodontists using other systems give their patients great results too. The passive self-ligating system is not the only way to straighten teeth. There are lots of different approaches with their unique pros and cons and we all choose the way that makes the most sense to us for the greatest success for our patients.

A few years ago I started using a new system that is a further refinement.  I'm still using passive self-ligation,  with changes in the way the braces are designed to use gentle pressure to move teeth, provide greater comfort for the patient and, best of all faster treatment times.  I’ve learned how to use this system even better, for better results. I love it – the best yet – in my hands. Just like every orthodontist and dentist I know, I love finding better ways to deliver great smiles – as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

My website is designed to help inspire, guide and support you before your braces, during your braces and after your braces. And my website is also designed to let you know my approach to braces, teeth and smiles. I want you to find the treatment and the orthodontist that makes sense for you.

I want my website to help you get to where you want to be. I want you to feel good about yourself and your smile. We want you to have a beautiful and healthy smile, peace and happiness – truly...And you know what? The peace and happiness are number one – a great smile is the icing on the cake.!

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