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Orthodontic Treatment

Less Visible Braces for Teens from Winnipeg Orthodontist Dr. John Campbell

While you’ll find people of all ages at our office, the majority, as in most orthodontists’ offices, are teens. The reason? Adolescence is the ideal time for many orthodontic treatments: adult teeth have usually come in and the jaw is still growing and changing so it’s easier to adjust the alignment of the teeth. If your teen feels apprehensive about wearing braces, come in for a consultation appointment. The braces we use are much more comfortable and less obvious than conventional braces and the number of months your teenager will wear the braces will pay off in many ways for the rest of their lives.

Does Your Teen Need Braces?

Braces are an effective way to correct many alignment problems that can affect dental health and appearance, such as:




Gaps between the teeth

Crowded, crooked teeth

Correcting these problems not only makes your teen’s smile more attractive, it also makes teeth easier to clean, food easier to chew (without causing uneven pressure and wear on some of the teeth), and improves oral health overall.

portrait of young teenager wear braces

Less Visible Braces, Faster Treatment

Most people picture conventional metal wires and brackets when they think of orthodontic treatment. Many new options are available now which are less visible, more comfortable and actually work faster than conventional braces.

We have had considerable success with passive self-ligating braces.   Our system uses the latest technology by securing the bracket to the wire using a frictionless sliding door. The results? Here’s what we’ve found:

        Our braces have a smaller profile and there are no elastic ligatures

which are a source of friction.   No elastic ligatures supports better oral hygiene

        Shorter appointments for readjusting the braces 

       Less discomfort after appointments due to our frictionless system

        Shorter treatment times and results are apparent sooner

The effectiveness of any orthodontic treatment depends on you wearing the braces or aligners regularly, keeping up with appointments,  and maintaining good dental hygiene habits.  We’re focused on giving you optimal results as quickly and affordably as possible. We’re motivated – and we hope that you’ll feel the same way!

It’s natural to have questions and concerns before you make any decision that affects your health, your appearance – and your wallet! At Smile Sooner, we encourage you to call, text or email us . We’ll be happy to give you the information you need to make a decision that makes sense for you.

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